Filter Options

After running a search and obtaining a results list you can narrow the result set (if filtering is enabled on your system).


You can filter your search results by Date, which will display only the items published in a particular year, or range of years. You can also restrict results to items published before a certain year (to box) or after a specific year to the present (from box).


Search results can also be filtered to include only articles in Peer Reviewed journals. Please note that if you are searching 'mixed-content' databases (for example, databases that include books and technical reports as well as journal articles), filtering to peer reviewed will eliminate all non-journal items from your search results.  Filtering to peer reviewed does not make sense in books databases, i.e. library catalogs.


You can filter the results by item Format, Language and audience Level. Select one or more filter values from the boxes. ZPORTAL checks the records and filters out those that do not match your chosen format, language or audience level.


Note: Filtering obtains all the results from the search target and then filters them out before displaying to you.  Once you have filtered the results, you cannot un-filter them.  To see the entire result set again, re-do the search.