Rank Collections

Ranking the collections influences the relevance score of the search results. If you choose to sort the results by Relevance the collection ranking from your personal Search Profile is taken into account.


In My Account>Search Profiles>My Search Profiles select the Search Profile you wish to rank and click the Rank button. This displays all the searchable Collections currently in your personal Search Profile.


For each Collection rate the quality on a scale of 1(low) - 5(high) and click Submit. (You do not have to rate every Collection as they have a default rating of 3).


Parent/Child Collections: you rank collections which are directly attached to the profile. Parent/child relationships are not shown. The collection rank assigned to a parent will be applied to all of its children


Duplicate Collections: Due to the existence of collection hierarchies, it is possible to add a Collection to a Search Profile more than once. If a Collection is assigned more than one ranking, the highest ranking will be used.