Search Result Details

In the search results click the title link or the Details icon to view more information. See more detail about the item, such as subject headings, summaries, and control numbers (ISBN, ISSN, etc.). You can navigate forwards or backwards in your search results list while maintaining a detailed view using Next Record and Previous Record.


Use Search Results in the menu bar or the Back button to return to your results list. Records whose details you have visited are indicated by a different title color.


Your system may be configured to carry out a one-click search for records by the same Author, Subject, Other Authors etc. Click on e.g. the author name so that ZPORTAL performs another search to find any records by that same author.


Your system may be configured to allow you to place an Interlibrary Loan request. It may also be configured to limit the number of requests you may have, and will give you a message if you have reached the limit.