Create Request

If you don't find the items you need while searching, you may submit a request to your library's Interlibrary Loan department. A blank request form displays when you click Create Request. The fields displayed in the form may change depending on the Format of item you choose to request, e.g. DVD rather than Book Printed. Fill in as much information as you can.


Tip: you can change the Amount willing to pay field to a value of your own, e.g. '5.50'.  If the system works out the costs to be greater than the value in this field, then an error message will appear when you submit the request.


To send the request to your library, click Submit.


When the request has been successfully sent, a confirmation page displays with a ZPORTAL-assigned ID number for tracking purposes. You may track requests using My Requests (in the My Account menu)


Note: Depending on how your library has set ZPORTAL up -

- you may not be able to Create Requests or view My Requests

- you may be limited to a certain number of requests and ZPORTAL gives you a message if you have already reached the limit