My Requests

Use My Requests to view and track the status of your Interlibrary Loan requests.  


The Request List is a summary of the requests you've sent to your library, including all currently active requests that are not yet "completed".  For each request, you can see the ZPORTAL-assigned ILL Number, Title, Author, ILL Status, Pickup Location and the Due Date (or your Needed By date).   


ILL Status: this shows the current progress of your request:



The ILL requesting process has not yet started.


The ILL process has started but your request is still pending.


The ILL supplier has sent the item.


The item has been received at your requesting library.

Renewal Requested

Your library has asked for renewal.


Your request is overdue at the supplying library.


The item has been sent back to the supplying library.


The supplying library has asked for the item to be sent back.


The requesting or supplying library has reported the item is lost or it never arrived.


The requesting or responding library has reported the item is damaged.


For whatever reason your request is now cancelled.


The Due Date is the date when you should return the item to your home organization. If the Due Date is not yet known ZPORTAL displays your Needed By date.


Some Conditions of service may also apply.


Attached Documents:  If your request has been filled electronically, there will be a link so you can view the item online.


To see more information on a particular item, click the title link or click Details.


If implemented on your system, the following actions may also be possible:


Cancel: To cancel a request you previously made use the Cancel icon. ZPORTAL displays the request details. Click Submit to cancel the request. ZPORTAL confirms the request is cancelled. In the My Requests Search Results ZPORTAL shows Request No Longer Required.


Renewal: To renew a requested item that is already on loan to you, use the Renew icon. ZPORTAL then displays the original Date Due and you can enter the Desired Date Due (using the same date format).   ZPORTAL may display an immediate reply or you may have to wait for a response from the supplying library. Until you receive a reply the status of the request becomes Renewal Requested.


When the original lending library accepts or rejects the renewal ZPORTAL shows this in My Requests - This item has been successfully renewed or This item was not renewed.


Moving around in the Request List


You may sort requests by the ZPORTAL-assigned ID number, author, title, or need by date  You may also specify how many requests to display per page.


To see all of your requests, including those that have already been completed, tick the Show everything box.


If you know a request's ID number, you can jump directly to it by typing the ID number in the Jump to ILL box.   To return to the entire request list, use your browser's BACK function.



Note: Depending on how your library has set ZPORTAL up -

- you may not be able to view My Requests

- My Requests may also display the number of requests you currently have and how many you are allowed