Import Citations


Please Note:  this feature is not available in some ZPORTAL systems.



You may be able to create a batch of requests all at the same time, by importing a file that contains all the citations you want to request.


To use this feature, you must export the citations in RIS (tagged text) format.  RIS format is supported by all the major citation management products including EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager and RefWorks. The filename must end in .ris (e.g., My Bibliography.ris) .  


You must be signed in to use this feature.  Start by selecting "Import" on the My Accounts menu.  Use the BROWSE button to navigate to the citation file, then enter your email address and the date by which you need to receive the items.


A confirmation screen will display the ZPORTAL-assigned ID numbers for all of the requests you have just created.  You can use My Requests to monitor the status of your requests.