Saved Searches

If you are signed in, you can save searches and delete, edit, or re-run them later.  Saved Searches are associated with your personal account, so they are available to you every time you log in. Other ZPORTAL web users do not have access to your Saved Searches.


Note that what you are saving is the search strategy along with the Search Profiles and Collections used. You are not saving actual search results.  When you re-run a saved search, you will retrieve new items that may have been added since your last search. (See Saved List for information on saving search results).


To save a search, perform a search and click Save Search at the top of the Search Results screen. To access your list of saved searches, click on Saved Searches in the My Account menu.


Actions available in Saved Searches:

Note: if you edit a saved search, your edits will not be saved automatically.  Click on Save Search after running an edited search if you want to save the edited search.