Search Status

Search Status tells you the processing status of each target your search was sent to. A Target is the information provider your search was sent to. Each Collection in the Search Profile you are using to search is linked to a Target.



The connection to the target is being made. The search is sent once the connection is successful.


The target is still processing your search.


The target has finished processing your search.


The target was interrupted before your search was completely processed.


The connection to the target was not successful at this time.


The target is operational, but does not support this type of search.

Filter failed

You have applied a pre-search filter and the database you are searching does not have any matching records because of the filter.

Total Hits

The total number of hits found.

Fetched Hits

The number of hits currently displayed. At the beginning of your search, this is the total number of hits automatically displayed in the initial search result set. When you return to Search Results and ask for more hits (by clicking on Next or Get More Hits) this number changes as additional hits are displayed.

Requested Hits

The number of hits you have requested, which may not all be displayed yet.

How can I tell if a server is operational?

Check the Search Status. If the status displays Error, there may be a connection problem or technical problem. Some targets will automatically close the connection (i.e. timeout) after a few minutes of inactivity, which may also result in Error. Targets may be periodically brought down for system maintenance, or may be unexpectedly brought down by high system demand. Try your search again later. If you still don’t get hits, and the status still displays Error, please contact your library help desk.

How can I tell if I sent an unsupported search?

Check the Search Status. If the status displays Unsupported, you sent a search that isn’t supported by the search target's server. To avoid this, choose Refinement On when doing Advanced Searches. Please report unsupported searches to your library help desk.

Why aren’t all searches supported?

Although many targets support the Z39.50 standard, there is a great deal of variation in how it is implemented. Different information providers may support different versions of the standard. Or they may support some but not all of the possible attributes. For example, they may support Keyword searches, but not Subject searches.  Unfortunately, many search targets do not support the standard at all.   ZPORTAL tries to get results from every collection you select to search, but it may not always be possible.